Purist Thors

These are some purist Thor minifigures I made. From left to right, we have Classic Thor, Odinson (Unworthy Thor,) Endgame Thor and Ancient Norse Thor. Classic Thor was a simple one, since he already has an official minifigure and all that really needed changing was the head, arms and helmet. Odinson, on the other hand,Continue reading “Purist Thors”

Howard the Duck (Contest of Champions)

I’m not entirely sure why I built this one, considering I haven’t played Contest of Champions for months now, but I’m glad I did because I’m really happy with how it turned out. Like the hulkbuster, this is built around the Nexo Knights mech piece, which is very useful for bigfig-sized mechs, and all theContinue reading “Howard the Duck (Contest of Champions)”

Superior Spider-Man

This is my purist Superior Spider-Man. In case you didn’t already know, Superior Spider-Man was originally Doc Ock in Peter Parker’s body. However, at the end of his first series he heroically sacrificed himself to bring Peter back, then after some complicated events (Spider-Verse, Clone Conspiracy and Spider-Geddon) he was revived in a new cloneContinue reading “Superior Spider-Man”