Purist Thors

These are some purist Thor minifigures I made. From left to right, we have Classic Thor, Odinson (Unworthy Thor,) Endgame Thor and Ancient Norse Thor. Classic Thor was a simple one, since he already has an official minifigure and all that really needed changing was the head, arms and helmet. Odinson, on the other hand, has no official minifigure and so was more challenging. His hood is from CapeMadness, which technically makes this a semi-purist, but the rest is official. Endgame Thor is built using Infinity War Thor as a base, but I changed the arms, hair, legs, rebuilt Stormbreaker and added a cape. Norse Thor is definitely my favourite of the three, probably because he is based completely on Norse mythology and so is entirely my own design. I used the official Thor head because it looks cool I wanted to keep the lightning eyes to reflect his role as the god of thunder. He has his long ginger hair and beard, and a more detailed Mjolnir. He also has Kylo Ren’s cape from TFA. Any feedback on these would be appreciated!

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